Sunday, January 13, 2013

And so we begin.

4 friends. 4 women. 4 cities. 4 lives. 4 voices. We each hold a blank journal, a creative mind, and the desire to create and share with each other.

What exactly are these pages going to hold? we don't exactly know, and THAT is the most exciting part. Anything goes.

let the ideas unfold. 

I have been staring at this guy for days. Flipping the blank pages. Eager to start, but nervous about making that first mark. eeeps!



  1. I'm with you Maite. I keep rolling it over and over in my hands and wishing it would tell me what it wants. I am confident that it will, but the kills me.

  2. Me too. I want to make it great. I am really nervous about the cover. I am not a good artist when it comes to drawing and I like things plain and simple, so I may not tackle the cover right away.