Sunday, January 13, 2013

Chasing the Muse

I have been intermittently chasing and following my muses all my life.  At times when I am stressed or pulled to tightly one direction or another, the muse evades me.  At others, she hovers nearby and whispers to me of beautiful and magical things. 

To me its just a part of the artists process.  The struggle.  The more I read about creative brains and those who create, the more I find my home.  The more I find the spot I've been looking for my entire life.  But muse or no muse, creating can be a challenge.  There are those in my life who tell me it's effortless.  'But you're so creative, Vanessa!'.  Yeah...and it's rarely EASY to be such. 

Elizabeth Gilbert says it better than I ever could.  I hope you hear some things ring true, like I do.

1 comment:

  1. Concentrate in those beautiful, magical things. We tend to get distracted with the noise, we just have to come back to the sweet voices.