Monday, January 14, 2013

begin anywhere.

Let me kick off my first post here by saying how honored I am to be participating in this creative project with a group of women who I am so thankful to call friends. These are women who I respect so much, both as artists, and as strong, independent women.
The crux of the project is the monthly passing around of four journals, in which we will all be writing, drawing, painting, pasting, and really including anything that is inspiring us at the moment. The whole concept of the project excites me.
For the past couple of weeks, we've been brainstorming about the project, making decisions as to our process, how we will memorialize it all, even the exact journals which we will be using. The anticipation is at a raging high. However, now that we all have our journals in hand, a new problem has presented itself. Everyone seems timid to begin. Afraid that she will somehow make a mistake, mess up her journal, or do the project "wrong." I find it amusing that with such creative powerhouses, all of us can suffer from such trepidation over screwing up an activity that, let's face it, even little girls do effortlessly.
I broke ground on my own journal yesterday. I decided to follow the advice I had passed along to Vanessa, who had texted me to express her anxiety over starting, and I started simply. Knowing that anything I do in this journal will be authentically me. Which is exactly what the project is about. So I thought I would share that simple beginning with the rest of you. To remind you that even the smallest, simplest start is, in the end, still a true beginning of the project.
And I will end with one of my new favorite quotes... "There is no need to sharpen my pencils anymore. My pencils are sharp enough. Even the dull ones will make a mark."
Begin anywhere, ladies.

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  1. omg. you made me tear up from excitement. Over your words. *throws away pencil sharpener*